León City Tour – 1 day

Join us and take a journey through the history of the colonial city of León!

León’s history is rich as it was for a long time the country’s capital and the intellectual center of the country. Nowadays, various museums, buildings and the colonial testify of this history. During our tour we will visit various important places of the city and learn all about the past days of León. By the end of the tour, you will be able to understand why the “Leónes” are proud to call their city “the capital of the revolution”

We start the visit in the site of Sutiava, which is the city’s birthplace. There, you will learn all about this former Indian village and its urban and social characteristics and visit the city’s oldest church. For the three hours, we will walk through the city and the guides will explain to you the important steps of the history. You will also visit the two most important museums of the city: the Ruben Dario museum, where you will learn everything about the country’s most famous poet; and the Traditional myths and Legend Museum where you will discover all the Nicaraguans myth and legend. You will then visit the 21st prison of the Somoza era. Finally, we will on the roof of the cathedral where you will be able to admire the whole city. Finally, we will finish the tour in front of a mural representing the history of Nicaragua.

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Key facts:

Trek level: Easy
Needed fitness level: Basic
Duration: appr. 4 hours
Price: US$24.00*
All taxes includes


What is included:

Public transport, entrances and guide.


What to bring:

  • 1 liter of water
  • Sun protection


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