Tisey Estanzuela hike – 1 day

Our tour starts at 6 am at SONATI to take the bus at 6.30 am to “La Garnacha”, a community which has worked to strengthen its economy through community work, agricultural diversification and tourism. We start our walk down from the bus to the “Jalacate” community and meet the amazing Alberto Gutierrez, a wacky, self-taught sculptor who has been carving animals and themed reliefs into the cliff face and on rocks for decades. His prolific art is complemented by the plants and fruit trees he cultivates around the sculptures, it’s a unique spot.

Afterwards we hike for about two hours through the broadleaf, oak and pine forest and up for panoramic views to the “Maribios” volcanic chain. To finish, visit a local shop and parchase their tasty, local made and aged Italian- and Swiss-style gota and coa cheeses, vegetales and honey.

Our tour ends at SONATI, we’ll be back around 5 pm.

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Key facts:

Trek level: Basic
Needed fitness level: Medium
Duration: appr. 11 hours
Price: US$10.00


What is included:



What to bring:

  • 3 liters of water
  • Food (breakfast and snacks; lunch is optional)
  • Good walking shoes, rain jacket
  • Sun protection, insect repellent
  • Allergy medicine if required
  • Clothes in plastic bags in case it rains


Optional Addition:

For an addition cost of U$7, join the “La Garnacha Tour” to get an understanding of the Organic Farm of the community and learn about how different crops, like coffee, vegetables, milk for cheese and honey are cultivated in harmony with the local environment.

The tour price normally includes the following: organic agriculture, medicinal plants, the goat enclosure and local area walking trails, however they offer a variety of tours, so it’s possible to arrange a tour tailored to your interests.


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