The SONATI family

Everyone at SONATI is part of the big family, no matter if long-term staff or volunteer. We work hard and play hard, having fun and joking around. You want to stay only for a month? As most people you probably will stay longer! We call it the SONATI effect. Either you will keep staying or you will return many times.


“Volunteers usually stay longer than they thought, extending for weeks and months. They just love it here!”


We are run mainly by Nicaraguan’s with support from international volunteers in any kind of work, e.g. in the environmental education, at the hostel reception, as tour guides or as others. We think we are a good mixture of everything. Get to know everyone!


“Buenos días, mi amor” – morning greeting at SONATI


The staff


SONATI Hostels

Version 2

Claudia: Hostel manager in León. I was born in Chinandega and know SONATI since they build a school I went to. It is a family filled with joy and new experiences. I love to get to know more people from all over the world and making new friendships.


Ninfa: Hostel Manager in Estelí. Ever since my first experiences with the environmental education of SONATI several years ago, I wanted to be part of the family who saw me grow up. I love to share knowledge about nature with customers who visit us, as they are always amazed of the beauty we have in Nicaragua. And I’m happy to continue contributing to the mission and vision of Sonati.

Juniette: Receptionist.  I´m glad to contribute to Sonati.  I enjoy the work atmosphere and my coworker´s attitude to teach me every day.  It is great to become a part of the vibrant culture that the Sonati family has created.


Roberto: Receptionist in Estelí. Studied International Relations. Joining the SONATI family has been of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had, I learn and enjoy every day. Being part of the SONATI family is a surprise daily and when guests leave, they leave us but to know that they will probably return is much profit.

Version 2

Doña Mayra: Housekeeping in León. I am so happy to work here because it is such a great place and everybody is so nice. The family here is so warm and caring. Everyone looks out for each other.


Doña Marcia: Housekeeping / Staff Meals in León. I assist with keeping SONATI clean for the guests and staff. Also, I put my heart and soul into the meals I prepare for the staff. I like to work here because of the importance of the SONATI mission with its compassionate staff and volunteers.

Francisco: Maintenance León/Estelí.  I am very happy to belong to the family of Sonati. my experience in this company has been wonderful, the people are very friendly and cheerful. I am happy to be every day in the organization.



Uriel: Tour guide in Estelí. I grew up in Miraflor Nature Reserve, an area that belongs to the countryside of Estelí. I love to hike in the nature and enjoy explaining all about natural resources. I feel very happy that I have the chance to work at SONATI as a tour guide. I really like the way SONATI works because all the money is supporting the environmental education and I love nature.


The board of directors

The SONATI board of directors is composed of professional people at different fields relevant to SONATI, working as volunteers.

Marcio Antonio Toruno Balladares: President. I am an accountant and Prof. at the Leon University, where I combine environmental topics and examples in my classes. I also teach online courses (Finances and Excel) and I am a partner in RVTCONSULTORES Y CIA LTDA.



You want to create the SONATI future with us?

Let’s raise awareness together! Spread the word, join as a volunteer, donate, support us with equipment, organize projects or campaigns with us and simply live a green and environmental friendly life – there are many ways to become part of the big SONATI family!
Support us!


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