SONATI Recycling Park – 1 day

This tour can be done anytime during the day. Just let us know ahead of time so we can arrange it.

The Sobre Ruedas Recycling Park tour has 3 stops. The tour starts in the river Rio Chiquito, under the bridge known as “El puente del Rastro” in Tangara. This first stop of the tour is for observing the garbage problematic of the river.

We talk about the following topics:

  • Relation of the population with the river.
  • Causes and consequences of the current situation in the river.
  • Uncontrolled waste
  • Reflection exercise with the assistants (using imagination)


The second stop is in the “pilas de oxidacion” located behind the recycling park. At this stop, we try to confront the concepts of controlled and uncontrolled waste in addition to showing a functional waste management system, the topics are:

  • The journey of the waste from your home to rusting piles
  • controlled waste
  • How the El Cocal septic tank works
  • Reflection on our waste and its journey in the sea
  • Possible solutions?

The last stop of the tour is the Eco Park “Recycling on wheels”. It is an example of reusing waste and alternative action to mitigate the problem of tires burned or stored in the dump and other types of garbage.

Getting there: To reach the destination we start at the hostel and walk to the bus station on the west corner of the hospital (Destination La Casona). The bus ride takes 15 minutes.

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Key facts:

Trek level: Easy
Needed fitness level: Basic
Duration: appr. 3 hours
Donation suggestion: US$20


What is included:

Guide and public transport.

  • All this money go direct to the Environmental Programs !!


What to bring:

  • 1 liter of water
  • Sun protection


Send a tour booking request

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