Somoto canyon – 1 day

For the Somoto canyon tour you can choose between the short and the long version. Both tours will be guided by a local guide from Somoto. This guide coordinates directly with Sonati and will meet you at the bus station in Somoto town.


Long Somoto Canyon Trek (6h):

You take one of the first buses in the morning to Somoto (last bus stop, recommended bus at 6.30 am). Your guide will take you from the bus station to the canyon. After a short walking section you swim about 800m until the canyon widens. In the following there will be a mix of walking, swimming, cliff jumping (if wanted) and floating in the water. You will reach the meeting point of the two rivers that form the “Rio Coco” which is the biggest river in Central America. A two kilometer swim through the narrowest and most beautiful part of the canyon is followed by a short trip in a motor-launch to the end of the canyon for 600 meters. The last part of the trek takes 30-40 minutes and includes walking back to the start point. After the trek you can have lunch there before heading back to Esteli.

This trek takes in the whole length around 6.7km and includes canyon walking, swimming and jumping (5-6m in the water, but this is optional).


Short Somoto Canyon Trek (4h):

On the short trek you will skip the meeting point of the rivers. The trek begins near the community of “Sonis”, and you walk a little section to get to the first part of the canyon; then 500m of wading in waist high water over rocks to reach the narrow part of the canyon, followed by a 2km swim though the narrowest and most beautiful part of the canyon. Afterwards you can enjoy a short trip in a motor launch to the end of the canyon, and finally hike another 2.5km to the start point. After the trek you can have lunch there before heading back to Esteli.

This trek covers the most beautiful half of the canyon, but is also the part where the currents in the river are the strongest, so it also requires good swimming ability. It also includes the optional jumping in the water.


Short Alternative Somoto Canyon Tour (4h):

We offer you an option to visit the canyon even in case you don’t have any swimming ability or if you just want to take it easy. We also recommend this tour if you are coming with children.

During this hiking in the lower part of the canyon you will have the opportunity to walk through the tropical dry forest in order to get there, and on the way the guide will give an introduction about this type of forest. Then you’ll get on a motor-launch for about 600 meters up through the canyon, where it is possible to jump from a 5-6 meters high cliff (this option is depending on the season, there’s not always enough water to jump). A fun activity we also propose is to float down through the canyon with water-tires.

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Key facts:

Trek level: Medium
Needed fitness level: Médium
Duration: 1 day
Price: US$30/long tour (lunch incl.) or US$25/short tour (lunch incl.)*


What is included:

Part of the transport, local guide, entrance, drybag, life jacket, lunch


What to bring:

  • 2 liters of water
  • Food (breakfast and snacks)
  • Clothes and shoes suitable for walking, wading and swimming
  • Dry clothes/shoes to change into at the end
  • Sun protection, insect repellent
  • Allergy medicine if required
  • Clothes in plastic bags in case it rains
  • C$65 for the bus between Estelí and Somoto (C$33 each way).



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