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Stay at our relaxing hostels in León and Estelí, Nicaragua! With your stay you support our environmental program and therefore free education for thousands of Nicaraguans, nature conservation projects and much more. Be part of it – check in!

We are open 24/7.

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Hostel León

Check out our city center hostel with pool, hammocks, kitchen and free Wi-Fi in León. Prices start from $6.90 for dorms and $23 for privates.
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Hostel Estelí

Enjoy your stay in the city center of Estelí with garden, kitchen, free Wi-Fi and hammocks. Prices start from $9.2 for dorms and $17.25 for privates. Explore more


Frequently asked questions

Yes, all of the hostel profits go to the environmental program. We founded SONATI as a self-sustainable organization and work like that since.
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Nicaragua is considered the safest country in Central America. Nicaragua has the lowest reported crime rate (lower than in Germany, France or the U.S.). INCAE (the Harvard Business school affiliate in Nicaragua), INTERPOL, and the Inter-American Institute on Human Rights place Managua as the safest capital in the region, and Nicaragua as the safest country in Central America and among the safest countries in the world. As with travel anywhere valuables should be locked at the hostel. Travelers should always be aware of the situations around them, carry as little money as possible and keep money and valuables hidden from potential pickpockets.
There is a ton to do in both cities! León is a lively city with many good restaurants, parks and bars. Nearby is the beautiful beach “Las Penitas” as well as many of the Nicaraguan volcanoes.
Estelí is the Nicaraguan capital of tobacco and also has a lot to offer. The city is in the middle of the wild north, very close to many nature reserves.
You pay upon arrival via Dollar or Cordoba. At the moment we cannot accept credit card.
Yes, there are many ATMs in León and Estelí which are very close to the hostels and open 24 hours, 7 days per week. Ask at the reception for exact locations.
Yes, we offer tours to volcanoes, mangroves, waterfalls and much more. We even can plan your whole Nicaragua trip if you want. Explore our tours!
Let`s raise awareness together! Spread the word, join as a volunteer, donate, support us with equipment, organize projects or campaigns with us and simply live a green and environmental friendly life – there are many ways to become part of the big SONATI family! Get to know how you can support us!
Yes, of course! Our receptionists as well as all the other SONATI people are happy to help in any situation. Getting to know the bus schedule, best things to eat, amazing places to go or other questions – we will help. Just ask us!

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