Los Maribios tour – 3 days

Join us on a three days tour and discover no less than four impressive volcanoes: Telica, Cerro Negro, las Pilas, el Hoyo and Asososca. On the first day Telica you will amaze you with its huge crater and the view, on the second day Cerro Negro will make you discover new sensation while going down on the slope of an active volcano on a board, and on the last day, you will enjoy a nice hike on two atypical volcanoes: Las Pilas and El Hoyo. In the end of this three days trek, you also will enjoy a nice and more than welcome swim in a volcanic lagoon.

On the first day, you will hike the volcano Telica. Telica is one of the most active volcanoes in Nicaragua and its last eruption was in the beginning of June 2015. The trip starts at SONATI at 8 am.You will be headed to the bus station to take public transportation to the entrance of the park (40 minutes ride). We start the trek at San Jacinto, at the bottom of the volcano were you will be able to see boiling mud pools! You will learn everything about these hot bubbling mud pits before starting the hike.  The first part of the trek is a smooth and easy 4-hour hike through the forest, where you will enjoy the Nicaraguan beautiful flora and fauna, and learn many things about plants and animals thanks to our guides. We take a nice lunch break under a Mango tree. A movie could not set it more perfectly.

After that, it gets a little bit more challenging with a one-hour and a half-steep hike on the flanks of the Volcano. There you will found a nice camping spot, really close to the crater. At that point, you will have to demonstrate your camping skills and build up your camp for the night!

You will then reach the impressive crater (120 meters deep!) and enjoy the amazing view this 1061m high offers you. You will then enjoy an amazing and romantic sunset and after that if possible look at the lava inside the crater.

As a perfect ending of the day, we eat our dinner at the bonfire, tell scary stories and have a wonderful sleep in our tents.

The next morning starts with a beautiful sunrise at about 5am. We have breakfast, pack our stuff, hike back down for about 3 hours and take private transportation to Cerro Negro, the second step of the travel.

After a one-hour drive through Nicaragua’s countryside, we arrive at the ranger station and start our 30 to 40 minutes easy hike up the rocky path to the crater of the volcano at 726m. Enjoy the amazing view, take a deep breath, experience the volcanic heat at the summit and learn about the mechanics of a volcano and the history of Cerro Negro. It is the youngest and most active volcano in Nicaragua and offers amazing views over San Cristobal, Telica, the Pacific Ocean and more. Then the fun part: the volcano boarding. After some instructions and after putting on the necessary boarding suit you are good to go. Decide between speeding down the slopes and taking a relaxed drive. No matter how, you will have tons of fun and a beautiful view of the landscape! At the bottom, we will set up camp for the second night of the travel.

The third and last day, we will continue our journey to the volcanoes Las Pilas and el Hoyo. We will start the ascent on a steep path up the volcano Las Pilas. Once on top, we will walk on the ridge of the volcano until we reach the iconic volcano el Hoyo: “The volcanic eye”. El Hoyo has indeed an impressive crater formed when part of the volcano collapsed during an eruption. Once we arrive on top, we will explore the area, walking at the edge of the crater making our way up to the peak of the volcano 1088m above sea level. Here we will enjoy an epic moment, enjoying a view on Managua, Managua Lake, the volcanic chain Los Maribios and the Asososca Lagoon. If it is a clear day, you might even see Omotepe, Mombacho and Honduras! Finally, we will start to descent El Hoyo continuing our hike until we reach the Laguna Asososca, a volcanic lake. On the way, you will discover a rich fauna and flora. Once you reached the Laguna, you will have the possibility of taking a nice swim, often needed after the three days hike and enjoy the surrounding nature. After resting by the lake, we will find a bus back to León and arrive to SONATI around 3pm.

***Unfortunately, since last eruption in the beginning of June, we cannot see lava anymore for the moment.

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Key facts:

Trek level: Hard
Needed fitness level: Good fitness
Duration: 3 days
Precio: US§130*


What is included:

Private and public transport, entrance, guide, snack


What to bring:

  •  13 liters of water
  •  Sun protection
  •  Hiking shoes
  •  Light jacket / sweater (it can get windy up there)
  •  Headlamp/flashlight**
  •  Camping gear: tent, backpack, sleeping mat, sleeping bag**
  •  During rainy season pack a rain jacket, insect repellent and daypack cover
  •  Swimming suit and towel
  •  Food (3 lunches, 2 dinners and 2 breakfast that does not need to be cooked)**



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