Kayak through the Mangroves Isla Juan Venado – 1 day

Join us and explore the mangrove and its wild life while kayaking. During the summer, you will also be able to observe baby turtles in their natural environment!

We will leave the hostel around 8.00 am and take public transportation to the famous black sand beach Las Peñitas. After short explanations and preparation, we will start our kayaking tour around 9.00 am. For three hours, you will discover the mangroves, learn all about their unique adaptation to a hostile habitat and observe all the birds, animals and other secrets that the mangroves hold! During summer (the rainy season), we will stop at a turtle hatchery and observe baby sea turtles! You will then rest on the Juan Venado island beach. The adventurous souls will take the opportunity to explore the island and take a swim in the ocean!

We will then head back to Las Peñitas and have a nice lunch on the beach. We will take the public transportation to go back to Leon around 2.30 pm. We usually arrive around 3.30 pm.

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Key facts:

Trek level: Easy
Needed fitness level: Basic
Duration: appr. 5 hours
Precio: US$35.00*
All taxes include

Note: Prices changes when you have a group of 4 persons. 

What is included:

Public transport, entrance, kayak rental, guide and lunch.


What to bring:

  • 1-2 liters of water
  • Swimming and spare clothes
  • Sandals
  • Sun protection
  • Snacks



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