Environmental program

At SONATI we primarily provide free environmental education for thousands of children in cities and rural areas and empower the youth with the knowledge and tools to make a positive environmental change in their communities. In addition we involve rural communities in nature conservation projects where nature protection advances together with social progress. Join us!



Human impact
We taught already over 60,000 children at the end of 2014 in schools or on excursions.


Environmental impact
Currently about 944 hectares of forest are protected by us and the local communities.


Damage avoid
We fight against the immeasurable potential damage by citizens with no environmental awareness.


The big problems we face in Nicaragua

Pollution, trash treatment, deforestation, climate change and wild animal trafficking are just some of the main topics we teach and raise awareness for.

“Thousands of people don’t have access to drinking water at the end of the dry season.” – Problem: deforestation, climate change


How we raise awareness

Our program is divided into four different parts: conservation, education, recycling and festivals. Explore them!


The forests in Nicaragua are cut down in an alarming rate. We support and organize several projects to protect our nature from pollution and deforestation.
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Education is the biggest treasure of manhood. We use it to empower the people to realize the natural problems we have to face and to change habits.
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Big parts of the garbage can be recycled or re-used by creative solutions such as murals, community parks and much more.
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Every year in November we celebrate the beauty of nature with our week-long environmental festivals in Leon and in Estelí.
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Our semestral reports

Read more about our activities, projects and campaigns of the last months.

1. Semestral Report January-June 2015

2. Informe Semestral SONATI Julio- Diciembre 2015

1. Informe Semestral educación ambiental SONATI, Enero – Junio 2016

Informe Semestral eduaciòn Ambiental Sonati Julio-Diciembre http://URL https://ni.sonati.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2017/01/Informe-semestral-Julio-Diciembre-2016-1.pdf

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