We are very proud to be a self-sustainable non-profit organization. But to grow, e.g. to establish new SONATI sites or to sponsor irregular projects such as our festivals we need your help! There are many ways you can support the SONATI family.

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News: Our 15 day Global Giving challenge ist over. Thanks to everyone who shared our message and put it a donation!


How it works

  1. You explore our current donation projects.
  2. You go to our Global Giving page and place your donation or you contact us for sponsoring one of the projects.
  3. We fund the project and keep you updated about the process.


Our current donation projects

Annual Forest Festivals
Every year in November we celebrate the beauty of nature with our week-long environmental festivals: Tropical Dry Forest Festival in Leon and the Forest Festival in Estelí. The week is filled with fun activities, competitions, outdoor circuits about plants and animals, guided excursions to nature reserves and as the grand finale an amazing parade of the schools in the city. Participation in all the activities is completely free. Our target is to collect in total US$2000 for the festival in León and US$1500 for Estelí.
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Colocondo Nature Reserve integration
The Colocondo reserve is in the middle of the northern tropical dry forest which contains many animals such as rare birds, monkeys and deer. The community consists of about 35 families. As part of our national network “Guardians of the Forest” we will support them to cooperate with us on rural ecotourism and the protection of the environment. To realize this project we want to collect US$800.
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Frequently asked questions

Anyone can contribute?
Yes, anyone can contribute, no matter if you are a single person, a business or an organization!

How much money should I donate?
For us even the smallest amount makes a big difference! There is no minimum and no limit.

Can I sponsor a whole project?
Yes, definitely! Collaborations are very welcomed. You will be part of the project as much as you want and will be mentioned in the publicity. Special commitments depend on the project.

What happens with the money?
100 % of the donated money will go to the mentioned projects. Non of the money will ooze away in administration or other things. We will update you about the project process via email.


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Tell your friends and family back home and continue to support the SONATI environmental program!

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Muchas Gracias!
Our work would not be possible without your continued support. From the entire SONATI family, we want to thank you again for your involvement!

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