Customed tours

See the beauty of Nicaragua like no one else! Don’t be bothered by the organization of the trip. Just let us know what you want and we will manage everything.

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What you want, where you want

We create individual packages for your needs, for visits all over the country.


All kinds of tours
You can do city tours, nature excursions, volunteering, community work, English lessons, professional visits and much more. We are specialized in Outdoor & Adventure Packages with a strong emphasis on experiencing the natural wonders as well as the socio-economic side of the country. Our environmental work in diverse communities in Nicaragua enables us to show you the best places in the country, natural and urban, unfamiliar to most visitors.


Everywhere in Nicaragua
Granada, Ometepe, León, the wild North, nature reserves or even in the smallest towns, we can go everywhere with you. Nicaragua offers diverse urban areas as well as beautiful wilderness, from active smoking volcanoes with boiling magma to cool mountains with diverse forests and waterfalls in the northern highlands or relaxing beach sites in the south.


All organized by SONATI
Tell us what you need and we will manage everything. We have contacts all over the country, own community nets and a ton of experience for many years. As an environmental non-profit organization with own hostels and tours you will have the perfect partner at your side.


Service as you want
If you want you can have a personal cook, tour guides, private transport and much more, we will arrange it. It doesn’t matter if you are a small or a big group and how long the trip will be. Of course, depending on the itinerary there is a minimum of people. Just let us know and we will arrange the perfect trip for you.


Send a tour booking request



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