Cerro Negro Volcano Boarding – 1 day

Enjoy a ride down the youngest and most active volcano in Nicaragua! Cerro Negro is the only place in the world where you can board down the ash slopes of a volcano.It offers amazing views over San Cristóbal, Telica, the Pacific Ocean and more.

Our trip begins short before 8am at SONATI. After a one hour drive through Nicaragua’s countryside we arrive at the ranger station and start our 30 to 40 minutes easy hike up the rocky path to the crater of the volcano at 726m. Enjoy the amazing view, take a deep breath, experience the volcanic heat at the summit and learn about the mechanics of a volcano and the history of Cerro Negro.

Then the fun part: the volcano boarding. After some instructions and after putting on the necessary equipment you are good to go. Decide between speeding down the slopes and taking a relaxed drive. No matter how, you will have tons of fun and a beautiful view of the landscape!

We finish our trip with a cool drink before we head back to León. We arrive at SONATI around 1pm.

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Key facts:

Trek level: Easy
Needed fitness level: Basic
Duration: appr. 5 hours
Precio: US$30.00*
All taxes include. 

Note: Special Prices for groups

What is included:

Private transport, boarding gear, guide, a cold drink or fruits, entrances fee and a SONATI T-shirt!


What to bring:

  • 1-2 liters of water
  • Sun protection
  • Light hiking shoes
  • Light snack



You can also mix this tours with others. For example our Cerro Negro Volcano Boarding, Las Pilas/El Hoyo, Lagoon Asososca or the Cerro Negro Volcano Boarding, Old Leon City, Lagoon Asososca tours. Just ask us if you want to mix or if you want an individual package.

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