SONATI is a non-profit organization that raises awareness for the environmental problems in Nicaragua.

“We empower people to become a voice of positive environmental change!”


Our mission

Did you ever have to fear to have no drinking water? Did you ever work on a trash dump? Have you ever had to face mud slides or crop failures and nothing to eat?

Plenty of people in Nicaragua have no drinking water at the end of the dry season, nothing to eat because of too high temperatures and acid rain destroying the crop or mud slides and floods due to deforestation. With our environmental program we want to wise up the communities why environmental problems exist, why the people are responsible for it and what they have to change in their life.

The mission of SONATI is to encourage environmental stewardship and preservation, and to promote responsible environmental projects through education programs, community outreach, and self-sustaining resources.
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  • To increase knowledge, love and care toward the environment.
  • To empower community members with the tools and knowledge to take action in their communities and become a voice for environmental change.
  • To become a resource for leadership development for environmental change.
  • To create programs in different sites, with sites cooperating with one another in an international arena.



SONATI model

At SONATI we implement a successful business model into the non-profit model; we create a competitive business with non-profit ethics. Our business doesn’t have an owner, and profits do not finance private wealth. Instead we invest profits to finance our environmental projects. All paid workers are Nicaraguan’s, volunteers are mainly International’s. All salaries at SONATI are modest local salaries.



We are self-sustainable and always want to be. But to grow, e.g. to establish new SONATI sites or to sponsor irregular projects such as our festivals we are looking for donations. You want to join as a donor?

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What exactly happens with the income?

Too often money finances too many administrative costs and too few actual activities. The income from our hostels and tours are split into two parts: expenses and profits for the environmental education. The expenses include electricity, water, rent and salaries. Although sometimes it is more or less income we can afford to always be on a very high level of funds for the environmental program!


You want to create the SONATI future with us?

Let`s raise awareness together! Spread the word, join as a volunteer, donate, support us with equipment, organize projects or campaigns with us and simply live a green and environmental friendly life – there are many ways to become part of the big SONATI family!
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Who we are

No matter if long-term staff or volunteer everyone is part of the big SONATI family.
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From the bottom of our heart, thanks for supporting us!