Environmental Education on Wheels

Walter Ferreti neighborhood in Leon, known for their community work and environmental activities such as collecting plastic and then selling it to be recycled is located south-west of the city, where once there was ample space that was not used by the community where the crime was favored.

In August 2014 we began implementing our SONATI Recycling on Wheels project, with the construction of a park made mostly out of used tires. The whole project could only be possible with the help of the Hamburg Senate, the support of the mayor, the youth affairs national department, the private police and our friends from Quetzaltrekkers.


At its completion, we began with using the place for education. Now we tour with foreign schools and tell them about the three key points of the park: it starts in the Chiquito River, is continued by the water treatment El Cocal and ends in the ecopark. A practical tool of education to discuss the problems of waste, pollution and what we can do to reduce it.